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Group holiday pic at the mall 2009

Jessica and Mindy hanging out at the Clover Mead Farm

Andrew hanging out at the Westport Yacht Club

Bob enjoying the nice weather in Westport

Janna showing off her bbq skills

A group of people hanging out at Janna's BBQ

The entire group at Jannas house

Jessica and Tim spending a end of summer moment in Lake George

Melissa, Kristin, Bob, John and Rick showing thir hats- "the hat group"

Mindy, Tabatha, Elise working on making homemade pizza for a birthday celebration

Jessica and Tim posing for a pic at the applejacks

Rick showing off one of the apples he picked today

The entire TBI gang taking time out of thier busy day at the orchard to pose for a picture

The "attack" mini goats were trying to get Danny to feed them faster

The group enjoyed showing off thier apple picking skills

Danny showing others his apple picking skills

Along our travels today, the group spotted a one legged duck to inspire them as he did everything all the other duck did.

Tim, Andrew and Nishank showing others the best way to pick a apple

A group of people hanging out at the bowling group

A group of people hanging out at SAIL for thier monthly potluck luncheon

A friendly visit from Frankenstein from the Wax museum in Lake George

The entire takes a moment out of thier day to pose by the Flag in memory of the anniversary of September 11th

Joann visiting with an nursing intern at the SAIL luncheon

Angie, Rick and Melaney visiting before the TBI Benefit begins

Angie and Mike getting ready to "dive into" the event

Jonathan and Jenn taking time out from the TBI benefit to pose for a pic

Melaney, Melissa, Rick, Mike, Brian taking a break during the TBI beneift put on by the Sample Family

The Rainbow room before the TBI benefit event began. This event was put on by the Sample Family.

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