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Sudden Impact: SOS


After my injury, when I was in the hospital I was tied in my wheelchair so I wouldn't fall over. At the time, I could never understand why. All I felt was frustration and injustice. I felt like all boundaries were restricted and my independence had been ripped away. Everyday they'd take me down to physical therapy. This seemed to me to be like a torture chamber. It was not only the fear, but the excruciating pain. I had temporarily lost the ability to speak English, but fortunately had retained the ability to speak the French I learned in school. This was my only outlet to express my frustration and pain. My speech was very incoherent and frequently laced with four letter words! Fortunately this allowed me to get those frustrations out. Eventually, with a great deal of speech therapy, my English returned. This goes to show that whenever we are "tied down", freedom of expression can be a very good outlet! In different ways I continue to use this outlet today. From time to time I give speeches on brain injury and its effect. I also reach out to others through my newsletter. I hope you will reach out to me as well with any questions or comments.

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About Aphasia and Traumatic Brain Injury

"Cognitively Creative"

When I woke up this one morning it literally felt like my brain was on fire. It must have been jam-packed with initiating ideas. My first …strained thoughts were optimistic and original. The cognitive action I felt was actively alert! It was as if my damaged brain was persistently trying and trying to perceive the unknown. It pushes and pushes those brain cells until it can come up with something that initiates imagination. I can constantly feel my brain go forth opening new doors!

Mountains of memory are being built in my mind every minute. I can abstractly feel this happening as they are becoming more imaginative. Thoughts are compounding in my brain as I think. There's so much more in my brain that I strive to seek. Using persistence is the key. Organization of these thoughts can happen only in a compartmentalized manner! When they're systematically structured I can feel things begin to take their planned shape. As a result, my brain feels positively enhanced and artistically driven. This radiated reasoning I feel has taken over my state of mind. This awakens my imagination into a bubbling belief. It makes my mind thrive on the vast possibilities. With this initiating ingredient I can feel my brain branching out!

When I was in the seventh grade I recall taking an aptitude test to see what I was best suited for academically. I rated highest in creativity. Now, I can feel my brain break through to this abstractly artistic avenue. When this happens I can feel my mind flourish and create thoughts of the unexplored. My mind must be solely focused for this to take place. These artistic juices become enhanced and motivate my mind further and
initiating ideas push my mind even beyond that. Although I never had a desire for this type of art…my brain now bulges in this artistic flair! My thinking has taken on a whole new dimension. Daily I am able to feel this abstract enhancement. Before my accident I was just living day to day. But now every day feels charged in a new and exciting adventure!

Now I know by uncovering all of my brain's possibilities I can really 'Live'!
Yes, this is what I've sought for so many years, to be "cognitively creative"!

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A TBI survivor talks about the healing power of art in her life.

A study on the effects of art therapy with individuals who have sustained a brain injury.

"No Horns, No Trumpets"

In this newsletter I'd like to tell you about a book that has recently been published. It's called No Horns, No Trumpets written by my mom, Alice Clark, and me. This book will grab your attention. My mother wrote it directly from her heart. Throughout the book I interjected my unique perspective of an individual with a terminal brain injury.

At the time of my accident, brain injury or head injury wasn't even thought of. After I came out of my long and intensive coma, I was emaciated--about 65 pounds of skin and bones. I couldn't walk or talk but my mom repeatedly told me … "There are Good Days Ahead". However, all the doctors always told my mom, "If he's no better in about a month we'll find an institution for him". My mother refused to listen to this negative talk!

A few years later my mom and a friend bought a golf course and that was my primary source of rehabilitation in the summer. In the winter I attended college taking easy subjects to strengthen my mind. It's been a long, hard road to recovery but I'm finally able to see a bright new light!

Now, more than forty years later, I can not only walk and talk with confidence but I feel I've been gifted with a new plethora of insights. I can feel my brain booming with all these active thoughts. This is all due to my mom's persistent nature. Throughout my recovery, daily, she fed me with positive insights only! She kept life uplifting and made me the person I am today. This book positively portrays this arduous journey with endless enthusiasm!!

If you're interested in purchasing this memoir, it's now available in paperback as well as E-book formats. Just go to the website listed below and you will find all the information you need. Thank you for your support!

By Rick Clark, Editor


Rick Clark promoting No Horns, No Trumpets, a book written by his mother and him at the recent Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) annual conference in Albany, New York.

Rick Clark promoting
No Horns, No Trumpets, a book written by his mother and him at the recent Brain Injury Association of New York State (BIANYS) annual conference in Albany, New York.

Interested in learning more about TBI from a personal perspective?

You can find Rick Clark's long journey of recovery as written by his mother, Alice Clark, in

No Horns, No Trumpets

The Online Website for
A Memoir of Brain Injury and Recovery


"Day-Tight Drive"

Many years ago my mom and I took this Dale Carnegie class on public speaking. It taught us a variety of things, but specialized on this one topic of how to speak effectively. To do this our minds, or especially my mind, had to be rigidly focused on one thing! Living in this structured manner is what has kept me alert. It's so important to stay focused on an objective. When this is done it must be done in a compartmentalized or "day-tight" manner. In other words I must do this so it's structured systematically. Doing this one segment at a time keeps my brain relaxed. When I keep everything in a compartmentalized manner… success is right around the corner!

I discovered that this is even more important to do with an injured brain. Staying calm and collected is my ultimate goal! Staying squarely focused is what I find most effective. When I'm like this I have no worries. Worries create restrictions and negative thoughts. This was too mind-binding. I must always remain free of these restrictions. This will keep my thoughts creative. Whenever I have this thought enhancer in mind, I feel motivated to go forth.

My mind thrives on these initiating ideas. These ecstatic brain waves are constantly being charged and re-charged with this inspiration. This is not only what gives me additional action but motivates my mind...yes, Adhering to this Day-Tight Drive is definitely what keeps my mind Alive!

By Rick Clark, Editor

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Sudden Impact: S.O.S.
Survivor's Observations & Stories

Miracle Mission

Many years ago I wasn't expected to live. Most of the doctors said, "Let God have him -if he lives - he'll be a vegetable for the rest of his life." I can now vividly recall visions of a priest always walking around the hospital ready to give my last rites. It is visions like this that stay firmly pressed in my mind. My Mom was always there, day and night; she would go home occasionally to do her 'changeover.' She would pray daily at a Methodist church and strengthened by the inherent power that comes from a place of worshipping wisdom!

I can recall the verse I lived by, which went as follows:
"Life is like a stone…knowing that the value of this stone is not important until lost in some manner…the stone does have a significant value…but life is much more precious with spiritual value!"

I can feel in my mind, body and spirit how there must be some spiritual plan for the rest of my life. There's more to my life than just living it. When I let my mind go, it dives into solid serenity. My mind goes through those tranquil phrases in the "Desiderata," which motivates me into a new positive way of life. It goes to a place like this to capture comfort. In this day and age I finally can feel a new programmed peace within.

My key is to find the strategies to hold onto that placidness. Occasionally, I sense this inner power trying to guide me towards a given goal. This is the only effective way I can win…by going back in my mind's wonder and visiting my "miracle mission!"

By Rick Clark, Editor

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"Heart & Soul!"

When I was in the light stages of my coma, my brain waves were extremely slow. While I was having an EEG, the machine recorded me as being sound asleep when I was actually wide-awake…I guess I was ironically enjoying that extreme state of relaxation!

I remember the love I had for everyone - I even told my sister I loved her! Sometimes when I was in the car, waiting for my mom, I'd be waving and smiling at people going by. I was overflowing with good feelings and the love I felt inside. These emotions and actions tempered as my brain waves quickened and reality took over.

Yet, even today I am blessed with feelings of compassion for those who are not only less fortunate, but also for others I can help. I hope these feelings I have for others will never fade away. There are so many fulfillments when one can feel with their "Heart & Soul."

By Rick Clark, Editor
Originally written Feb. 2000



"S E R E N I T Y - S H I F T !"

My mind can finally motivate itself into action. This transition is initiating in itself. What I mean is I can feel my brain cells have been shifted to a higher plateau. This is what drives me forward and motivates my mind. God granted me this peace of mind long ago. He showed me a new bright light which had his intrinsic power written all over my consciousness. I feel this power daily-in different ways. When I used to go to "Unity of the Palms" church they'd bring out the true spirit within me. Their moving message was to "Let go and Let God". This worked! I simply turned all those frustrations over and let God handle them. If this is actively applied you can experience a new and different feeling within. It's up to us to use this gift with motivating effectiveness! He gave me the tools of tranquility I needed. I just had to re-learn how to use them with spiritual insight. These peaceful thoughts keep my mind energized. They are transformed into his way of thinking. This peace of mind is re-developed within daily. I use my initiating senses like this to give life a lift. This new power activates my mind. I can feel fortifying fulfillment within. This enhances every aspect of living. I can actually feel my ideas are elevated to this rejuvenated height. All my memory impairments from judgment to reasoning have calmly been pacified into tranquility. This saturated my mind and filled all my needs to propel me to a higher way of thinking. I started to feel within this new light of perfection was right around the corner. My mind consistently feels these positive vibes! When I harness this my mind actively comes alive. Now I can feel this inner strength that can pull me through anything. It enhances my abilities and perpetuates my way of life. This new drive elevated my thoughts higher than I've ever felt before. I finally feel my brain has advanced itself into a revitalized dimension. This fresh feeling has given me more than a lift > > > Spiritually speaking this wisdom felt just like a "S E R E N I T Y S H I F T ! ! !"

By Rick Clark, Editor

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